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First, we listen.


Step 1: Free Consultation and Design Agreement

Our relaxed, collaborative process starts with a complimentary initial meeting.  We discuss your project needs and ask the right questions so that the design solution can be optimized and options can be explored. Then we prepare a detailed, fully transparent, design agreement for your approval.


Step 2: Intuitive, 3D Design Process

We have developed a new, more intuitive way of designing. Instead of cryptic plans and blueprints, we use a digital computer model to generate three dimensional views of your project. This allows you to fully appreciate the look and feel of your project long before construction has begun, and to select the design options that provide the best in the way of aesthetics, function, and return on your investment.  We encourage your collaborative participation in the design phase; In this way, we are assured that design concepts are born of your dreams, developed with your insight, and launched with your approval. 


Step 3: Permit Submission Plans:

Our next step is to prepare the detailed drawings known as construction documents.  These are used to generate pricing from the bidders or pre-selected contractor, and to obtain the building permit for the project. 


Step 4: We Oversee the Construction (Optional)

Once the building permit is approved, a contractor is selected and construction starts, we can provide construction administration services to see that the finished product meets with your goals.


Please contact us at 804.304.2751 to begin.  We are ready to listen. 

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