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First, we listen.


A Design Team, Led By You:

At Studio Z, it’s about you. We focus our combined experience, creativity, technology, and passion for the practice of architecture on achieving your goals. Thoughtful design solutions are developed in full collaboration with you. In this way, we are assured that design concepts are born of your dreams, developed with your insight, and launched with your approval. Why do we do this?  Because we believe that everybody deserves to experience the benefits of good design.


Free Consultation and Design Agreement:

Our relaxed, collaborative process starts with a complimentary initial meeting.  We discuss your project needs and ask the right questions so that the design solution can be optimized and options can be explored.  We prefer to meet at the project location so that design ideas can be considered in context with the surroundings.  


Not Ready to Select an Architect or Commit to Full Design Services?:

No problem. Our first task is to listen so that we fully understand your goals for the project.  Only then can we assess the limitations and opportunities available and suggest potential solutions.  We compile this information into a needs and options report for your review.  This low cost, non-binding, optional service provides you with valuable information based on expert analysis and experience.  The report presents you with a range of real world solutions and eliminates false assumptions so that the best possible design direction can be selected.  We will also prepare a full-service architectural agreement for your review and approval.  You are not committed to select Studio Z and may take the findings of our needs and options report to engage one of our competitors, if you so desire. 


Intuitive, 3D Design Process:

If, after reviewing our full-service agreement, you decide to move forward with Studio Z, we will begin the design phase.  We have developed a new, more intuitive way of designing. Instead of cryptic plans and blueprints, we use a digital model to generate realistic three dimensional views of your project. This innovative approach allows you to fully appreciate the look and feel of your project long before construction has begun, and to select the design that provides the best in the way of aesthetic merit, function, and return on your investment.  Our design ideas will be based on your stated goals for the project.  We encourage your collaborative participation in the design phase; your suggestions and criticisms are appreciated because we want the final design to meet all of your goals and needs.


Construction and Permit Drawings:

Our next step is to prepare the detailed drawings known as construction documents.  These are used to generate pricing from the bidders or pre-selected contractor, and to obtain the building permit for the project.  If you desire, we can also have our experienced engineering consultants prepare the documents required for heating and cooling the structure as well as plumbing and electrical work. On most residential and some smaller commercial projects, the builder, general contractor, or their sub-contractors, can coordinate and prepare all of the required documentation and permits for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of the project.


We Oversee the Construction:

Once the building permit is approved, a contractor is selected and construction starts, we can provide construction administration services to see that the finished product meets the your goals.


Please contact us at 804.304.2751 to begin.  We are ready to listen. 

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