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Markets and Approach

Residential Design

Each residential project is designed with care and sensitivity.  We realize that as family and work needs change, our homes need to respond. We listen carefully to your needs and are understanding, responsive, and extremely open to your ideas. 


We have developed a new, more intuitive way of designing.  Instead of cryptic plans and blueprints, we use a digital model to generate realistic three dimensional views.  These drawings allow you  to fully appreciate the look and feel of your new home long before construction has begun.  This comprehensive and intuitive design process allows you to select the design that provides the best in the way of aesthetic merit, function, and reduced energy cost. This innovative approach provides you with the best possible return on your investment. 

Markets and Skills

High Performance Design Process

We view design quality as an asset that pays dividends over the entire life of the building. In order to maximize your return on investment, we develop projects using our High Performance Design (HPD) process. Through the use of 3D Building Information Management (BIM) software, we quickly test many design models, provide three dimensional massing or rendered views in and around the structure, and perform scheme-specific energy analysis using actual climatic and energy cost factors based on the location of the project. Design variations can analyzed in terms of their energy usage and cost, water usage, photo-voltaic cost, daylight analysis, energy star ratings and other relevant energy criteria in a matter of minutes. This allows us to test the energy performance of each design scheme so the proper decisions can be made by the Owner/Architect team. In addition to the building's energy performance, we design for functional flexibility.  We ask the critical questions that will allow the building to be more adaptable as your future needs change, avoiding costly relocation and demolition of vital core elements should you need to adjust or expand.  This comprehensive HPD approach is a fundamental improvement to the design process. 

New Homes


Extended Family Designs

ADA Upgrades

Vacation Homes

Rental Properties

House Flip Design

Master Planning  

Multi-Family Residential                     
Historic Tax Credit Projects                      LEED Certification Projects                 
Mixed-Use Developments                  

Architectural Design
Interior Design
Master Planning  

High Performance Design     
BIM Integrated Design Approach
3D Design Visualization
Feasibility Studies
As-Built Survey
Space Planning

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